Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Review

gerber guaranteed life insurance

Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance is a highly respected insurance product for seniors seeking a Gerber Life Insurance Policy. Our Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance review will help you understand this specialty life insurance and learn more about the life insurance Gerber offers. 


Gerber Life Insurance Company

Before you decide what kind of life insurance you need, you should know more about the life insurance company you are considering. Gerber Life Insurance Company has been around since 1967, serving families with a focus on affordability. Their life insurance policies in force exceed 50 billion dollars, showing their stability in the life insurance market. AM Best, an outside insurance ranking firm gave Gerber Life Insurance Company an A-Excellent rating for financial stability in 2019. 

gerber guaranteed life insurance

What is Gerber Life Insurance?

Gerber Life Insurance isn’t just one type of insurance. While Gerber started out serving young families with the needs of newlyweds and new parents in mind, Gerber Life Insurance now has something for everyone. A sampling of the types of policies offered include Gerber Life Insurance for Adults, Gerber Whole Life Insurance, Gerber Life Insurance for Children, and Gerber Baby Life Insurance. This wide variety of policy types helps the company stay diverse. The type of policy we will review today is the Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance plan. 

Positives to the Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan

Life insurance is purchased to pay out a sum of money upon a person’s death. This is true for all life insurance plans. A guaranteed life insurance plan is a type of plan that a person is automatically approved for without health questions being answered or any kind of medical exam. That is where the name comes from- guaranteed life insurance. The Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance plan is a straightforward plan where all applicants over the age of 50 are automatically approved, regardless of any current health conditions or prior diseases and surgeries in their medical history. Many people who want Gerber Life Insurance for Seniors end up with a guaranteed issue plan, especially if they have a history of cancer, alzheimers, or a recent heart surgery. 

Highlights of a Gerber Life Insurance Plan

  • Easy application
  • Quick, guaranteed approval
  • No Medical Exam
  • Premiums guaranteed never to be raised
  • Policy guaranteed never to be cancelled
  • Guaranteed for ages 50-80
  • Plans available from $5,000-25,000

So What’s the Catch?

Being guaranteed approval with no medical questions is a great benefit to the Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance plan, especially if you have serious medical problems. However, this benefit isn’t without its downside.  Along with guaranteed approval is a two-year waiting period before Gerber Life Insurance will pay out any death benefit. Additionally, the guaranteed life insurance plans are only available for adults over the age of 50 which means younger people with grounds for denial for a term or whole life Gerber Life Insurance Plan aren’t eligible for this type of policy. 

The two-year waiting period might cause you to hesitate to consider Gerber Life Insurance but keep in mind, the Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plans are intended for those with high-risk health problems and knowing a plan is in place, even with a two-year wait, is better than not having any life insurance plan at all.

Also, Gerber guarantees a refund of any premiums paid plus interest to the beneficiary if the insured dies during the two year waiting period. So clients who choose the Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan know their money paid in is protected while they are waiting for the plan to be fully in force. 

Gerber Life Insurance Rates

Gerber Life Insurance Rates are competitive within the guaranteed whole life insurance market. Along with comparing rates, their AM Best A-Excellent rating is a consideration when comparing them to other options. It isn’t worth saving a few dollars if you aren’t secure in knowing the life insurance benefit will be paid out to your beneficiary when the time comes. 

See below for Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance rates based on age and benefit amounts. 

 MaleMale FemaleFemale

The bottom line- Is Gerber Life Insurance Good?

According to many Gerber Life Insurance Reviews, conducted by independent agents, consumer companies, and brokers, Gerber Life Insurance products offer a wide variety of options for all ages and needs of consumers, are competitively priced, and most importantly- are backed by a company that will pay out when needed. Gerber Life Insurance Company is one to consider when shopping for life insurance for any aged family members. Gerber has a niche when it comes to offering some type of life insurance policy for anyone from birth through age 80.

As the senior population grows, Gerber Life Insurance for Seniors and Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance are worth looking at for reliable, well-priced life insurance products for anyone over the age of 50. 

Getting the best price..

Gerber Life Insurance sells directly to the public. However, that may not be the way to be sure you are getting the best price for your Gerber Life Insurance Policy. Some clients need what a guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan offers- guaranteed approval due to a medical condition that would cause a decline for a no-waiting period plan. What many people don’t know is that different insurance companies base their approvals and declines on different criteria. While one company many turn down someone with a heart surgery 18 months ago, another company only looks back 12 months and that same client is approved at a lower rate.

This is why going through a licensed insurance broker can save you time and money. Gerber Life Insurance Company has competitive rates and many types of plans. An insurance broker can help you sort out those options and get you the same rates as going directly through Gerber. And in the case where Gerber might not have the best option for your health history, a broker compares up to 15-25 different reputable companies to find the most coverage at the lowest premiums- still with A-rated companies who will pay out when needed the most. 

A quick recap on Gerber Life

gerber life logo
  • Gerber Life Insurance- A rated Excellent company with stability
  • Perfect plan for those from 50 years old through 80 years old with severe health issues
  • Reliable plan that will protect your loved ones and pay out death benefit quickly
  • May not be the perfect plan if you could get approved for life insurance no waiting period
  • Check with a broker to compare pricing and coverage

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